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About Us

Bannockburn Floriculture is at the centre of New Zealand's famed Central Otago, nestled amongst the highland valleys along the Bannockburn Ranges. The region is a low rainfall area with distinctly seasonal weather - where summers commonly reach 38 celsius (100F) and winters drop down to -10 celsius (14F).

Eremurus harvest

Jane Preston grows both dryland and sun-loving plants, as well as farming sheep, on her Bannockburn property. In 1995 she began exporting substantial quantities of unique cut flowers - Eremurus, Allium, Ornithogalum and Trillium - to all parts of the world.

Giganteum harvest

At the same time Jane also developed a mail order business for collectors, gardeners and growers who wanted to source unusual and rare flowering bulbs, thereby catering for a seemingly insatiable market amongst New Zealand aficionados.

Trillium harvest

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