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Cut Flowers - Growing for Cutting

All Bannockburn Floriculture's plants produce flowers with an excellent vase life, thus making them ideal for cutting. They are equally suited to be cut either for personal pleasure or specifically for commercial sales.

Foxtails in the Chiller

Local markets are an excellent sales outlet and, depending on your climate, a good selection of varieties can extend your season from mid-spring to mid-summer. Only the taller varieties are suitable for export markets. These include the Eremurus, some of the Big Ball Alliums, and the Ornithogalums.

Allium giganteum packed for export

The timing of cutting is vital to ensure maximum vase life when selling premium flowers. Alliums should be cut when 50% of the florets have opened, while the Eremurus and Ornithogalum are cut once the bottom florets begin to open. Another important requirement is to get the freshly cut flowers quickly to the cooler to remove field heat, thus keeping them fresh and slowing their opening.

Jane amongst her Treasures

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