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Eremurus - The Foxtail Lily

This graceful, elegant plant - also known as the Desert Candle - produces a floral spectacular through late spring into early summer.

Its long lasting flowers are borne on tall leafless spikes. Strappy leaves emerge in early spring and die down after flowering. Eremurus make an interesting statement when the spikes are left to seed. They have strong stems which usually remain standing without the need for staking.

The unusual root is actually a corm - a fleshy disc with radiating horizontal roots, topped with a large bud, and looking much like a starfish.

Cold winters and hot dry summers are essential for "peak performance", as is a free draining soil.

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Eremurus at Bannockburn
Eremurus spider roots
Eremurus Emerging
Eremurus in the snow
Robustus in the field

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